Name: Amelia Lowe

Class: Moms & Babes

Province: Western Cape

Area: Durbanville


Contact: 083 643 4663

Additional Info:

Facebook Link:

Welcome to Moms and Babes Durbanville! My name is Amelia Lowe, and I have been running the Durbanville branch for 8 years now. I absolutely LOVE babies and I love “big people” too, which makes my job a really fun one.

My aim is to provide a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere, where both mom and baby feel comfortable to just be themselves. When we are relaxed and feel at home, it creates the best environment in which to learn about and enhance the development of our little treasures. Our program creates a world of exploration and fun for the babies, not only quality time to spend alone with mom, but also time to meet friends their own size! By taking part and being encouraged, they learn and have the confidence to try out those new skills in a space they come to associate with fun and love.

BUT, it is not all about the babies… Moms are very important too… after all, are you not managing the toughest job on earth? Therefore, I am also interested in the wellbeing of “my moms”. Free play/tea time at the end of class, is a perfect way to catch up with all the news, ask a question that other moms may be able to assist you with, or let off a little steam because you haven’t slept so well for… how long? J A warm cup of coffee/tea, and a biscuit or two, might be all you need to put a little spring back in your step. I do believe that “A Happy Mommy = A Happy Baby!”

So give me a call or send an e-mail today – and come and see what the fun is all about! I look forward to meeting you.

Amelia x