Name: Penny Alexandrou

Class: Moms & Tots

Province: Gauteng

Area: Boksburg


Contact: 083 277 1493

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Hello Moms, My name is Penny Alexandrou, and I am the proud owner of Moms and Tots Boksburg.

I have two children of my own Melina 6 and Emilio 4, I too did Moms and Babes and Moms and Tots with both my children, not only did I see the benefit that it gave my children but it also helped me realise how important certain activities were and how it will benefit them in the future. I also met a lovely group of moms and still keep in touch with them, we would chat and talk about our personal experiences about our children only to find out that we were all in the same boat.

I’m very passionate about children and their development and also passing valuable information to moms to give them the tools to stimulate their children. I believe that education is the most powerful weapon for you to lay a good and stable foundation for your children’s future.

“Invest in your child, invest in education”

We offer classes during the week as well as Saturday Classes.

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Thank you