Name: Marinda Schouwstra (Robert)

Class: Moms & Tots

Province: Gauteng

Area: Ruimsig


Contact: 082 804 3816

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Moms and Tots Ruimsig, Roodepoort

My Workshop is focussed on playing with a purpose. Mothers join in the fun and have the opportunity to participate in the activities – so modelling class-behaviour to their little ones and gifting their child with one-on-one attention.

There is free-play time with a large range of inside toys as well as time outside to use gross motor apparatus and fun toys. During ring time and music time, every activity is carefully planned and contributes to the overall development of perceptual skills, sensory integration, peripheral vision, muscle tone, core muscles, etc.

There is also an emphasis on listening skills and spatial awareness. We encourage good manners and kindness while the tots start socializing with one another. Most classes are bilingual and have mixed ages (1-3.5 years) specifically for the younger ones to follow the lead of the older tots, and the older ones to experience a sense of achievement and leadership.