Name: Adele Arnold

Class: Moms & Tots

Province: Kwazulu-Natal

Area: KZN Midlands


Contact: 084 301 7246

Additional Info:

Facebook Link:

Hello to all you wonderful moms.

My names is Adele Arnold. I am a mom to two gorgeous boys, who are both at school. I have a BA in

Industrial Psychology and work experience ranging from Au Pair to Work Study Analyst to Business

Owner. Most of all, I have a passion for early childhood development.

I believe that bonding relationships for a baby, is paramount to their health and well-being. The

Moms and Babes & Moms and Tots programmes are expertly designed to facilitate this relationship.

Join us for fun weekly classes that will provide:

intellectual stimulation,

gross motor development,

fine motor development,

dedicated mother and child time,

ideas to use at home,


building relationships with other mothers.

Our classes are held weekly, at the Celtiskloof Lifestyle Center, just outside of Howick.

Saturday classes are available on request.

Parenthood can be the most challenging and the most rewarding experience. I look forward to

sharing this part of your journey with you!