Make The Most of Daily Routines

Bath time presents such a wonderful opportunity for play, exploration and learning. Bathing with your baby fosters closeness and bonding and will most probably be the best quality time you will spend with your baby all day.

  • Relax in a warm bath with your tiny baby. Skin to skin contact stimulates all the right bonding hormones and helps your baby feel safe and secure.
  • Gently move your baby through the water so she feels the water over her body, enhancing body awareness.
  • Interesting textured and shaped objects stimulate your babies sense of touch. Textured sponges, brushes and toys will encourage exploring and fine motor manipulation skills.
  • Bubble bath has a fascinating new feel for babies, and provides an opportunity for hiding games. Hide a favourite toy in the bubbles or parts of your baby’s body.
  • Shaving foam is great fun for babies from about 9 months of age. Spray the foam onto the side of the bath or onto the tiles and encourage your baby to use the ‘pointer’ or index finger to make lines in the foam. As well as providing a new texture to explore, this is a fun way of introducing some early drawing skills, using the index finger.
  • At 9 – 12 months, babies love emptying and filling containers and this is an important perceptual task at this stage. Collect objects that float and those that sink and help your baby practice her reaching and putting them into the plastic containers.

Did you know... Textured objects and ‘feely’ experiences enhance learning, encouraging exploration and concentration, body awareness and fine motor co-ordination.

By Kate Bailey and Nicky Lasch