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Soccer fun with SuperSport United Soccer Schools Fourways - Posted 01/12/2016

Soccer fun with SuperSport United Soccer Schools Fourways

In November, our founder Petra Lombard arranged for SuperSport United Soccer Schools Fourways to take a trip down to Hanover in the Northern Cape, to help educate and uplift the children of this region through the game they all love.

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Santa Shoe Box for the Hanover Library Kids - Posted 01/12/2016

Santa Shoe Box for the Hanover Library Kids

Petra Lombard extends her deepest gratitude to Kerry Hofmeyr, the Santa Shoe Box 2016 & The Jhb North Team for organising the wonderful gifts for the Hanover Library kids. Also a huge thanks to Wendy Ruiter for helping Kerry pack the bags and a special thanks to Genevieve Thomas for making the bags. One last thanks to her special friend, Liz Crisp for introducing her to Kerry...
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Finding your wings - Posted 01/11/2016

Finding your wings

It is almost Christmas and it is never too early to say happy festive season moms. Observing the beautiful butterflies out here in the Karoo is breathtaking and the journey from caterpillar to Butterfly warms my heart. We are fortunate as moms that our children don’t find their wings so early, however the stages in this journey are quite representative of our own lives. Treasure your caterpillar mom, they will be a butterfly before you know it.

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The Furry, The Froggy and the Fishy - Posted 03/10/2016

The Furry, The Froggy and the Fishy

Happy October to all my moms out there!

The year is getting sunnier and longer with every spring day edging toward the end of the year. Before you start to panic about planning your yearly holiday or shopping for Christmas presents I have to share a story I thought was pretty funny and reminded me of my children.

At my farm in the Karoo things are really coming alive again where they were hibernating before, except for my little animals.

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Spring and Insects - Posted 06/09/2016

Spring and Insects

Spring is finally here!

Happy spring day to all my moms, I’m sure we are all dying to throw those scarves and boots as far into the back of the cupboard as possible.

Songs of the spring insects will be heard with every breath of the newly flowering buds. In the Karoo it’s quite a magical thing to witness the change in the season. It’s so beautiful that I could nearly forget about all those freezing winter mornings that Cloudy and Dusty didn’t want to come out of their warm, snuggly doghouse and one could only see their little noses pop out under their blanket.

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Horsing Around - Posted 05/08/2016

Horsing Around

Horses and I hope you are all reveling in motherhood, whether it’s your first year of being a mother or your little one attempted making you breakfast in bed again. Remember to enjoy the experience, they are the most unforgettable.

My most memorable, non-edible meal was when Derryn was 5 years old and happily presented me with a proudly made cake, created purely from pot plant soil. She was so delighted when she told me how easy baking was. Please feel free to tell me about your first non-edible meal experience, I would love to hear about it.

So today I walked outside into a chilly Karoo day, beside my visiting daughter Bronte, to find Bella and our newest...

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Petra’s Golden Shadows - Posted 05/08/2016

Petra’s Golden Shadows

A happy hello from the Karoo.

Flu season is well upon us, I should know, temperatures at night can get so cold that even my little Labradors wish they had a woolly coat.

Dusty and Cloudy are my two shadows. They are like my other children and I’m not quite sure they know they aren’t human. Everywhere I go my two big smiley golden shadows follow me everywhere. To this day they are the only dogs allowed at the Hanover tennis and bowling club because they are so well behaved. Fortunately, they aren’t my children otherwise...

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