Finding your wings

It is almost Christmas and it is never too early to say happy festive season moms. Observing the beautiful butterflies out here in the Karoo is breathtaking and the journey from caterpillar to Butterfly warms my heart. We are fortunate as moms that our children don’t find their wings so early, however the stages in this journey are quite representative of our own lives. Treasure your caterpillar mom, they will be a butterfly before you know it.

Find activities to enjoy the life journey of caterpillar to butterfly with your tot.

Make a Caterpillar

What you will need:
  • Green paper
  • 9 Coloured circle stickers
  • 1 Special circle face sticker

  • Copy caterpillar onto green paper.
  • Stick 9 coloured circle stickers onto caterpillar.
  • Draw face onto head.

Make a Butterfly

What you will need:
  • Red, yellow paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Craft stick (optional)
  • Scissors

  • Photocopy butterfly body onto yellow paper. Cut out.
  • Photocopy butterfly wings onto red paper. Cut out.
  • Decorate wings with stickers.
  • Glue wings to back of body.
  • Glue a craft stick to back of body to provide extra support, if desired.
  • Bend a piece of pipe cleaner into a V-shape and turn edges down. Glue to back of head for the butterfly’s antennae.

To download the printable PDF of the above activities please click here.

Build a Butterfly

What you will need:
  • Paper Plate
  • Cardboard Toilet Paper Roll
  • Paint
  • Craft Glue
  • Google Eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • String or wool

  • Start out by painting your paper plate.
  • Paint them so that they are a rough mirror image of each other. Make sure you paint both sides of the paper plate so both the top and bottom of the wings are colorful.
  • Paint the toilet paper roll – we recommend black or brown.
  • Once your paper plate is painted and the paint is dry, cut it in half.
  • Place a generous amount of glue in the center of the curved edge of one of the half pieces of paper plate, on the bottom side of the plate. Set this glue side down, on the painted toilet paper roll. Repeat this for the other half piece of paper plate.
  • While you wait for the glue to dry, you will want to prop up the paper plate wings so they sit parallel to the table. You can use a couple of extra toilet paper rolls or anything that height.
  • While you are waiting for the wings to dry, you can finish your paper plate and toilet paper roll butterfly. Glue the two google eyes in place. Cut two piece of pipe cleaner, each about 5 cm long. Glue these in place just above the eyes.
  • Finally, cut a piece of string, yarn, and glue it to the center, back of your butterfly. The length or string you use will just depend on how you want to use your butterfly! Let the glue dry completely before you hang up or use your butterfly.