Mar 28, 2020
Age: From 4 Months Old Who says that babies only need lullabies and Mozart? Shake up your musical menu and have a little dance party a deux.  Different beats, different jargon different flavours of music all stimulate parts of the brain, as well as  helping your baby develop language and social skills. And whether iits...
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Age: From 3 Months Old Your baby loves having the chance to watch your face and this game will help sharpen their visual skills too. Hold your baby as close as you can, they can focus best on objects about 20cm to 35 cm from their face. When they are gazing into your eyes slowly...
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Who Are We

The Moms and Tots Group was founded in 1993 by Petra Lombard after she became aware of the keen interest of mothers to learn more about how to stimulate their young child in a healthy and balanced way.

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