M&T GROUP Enriching Children's Learning Experiences

It all started . . .

The Moms and Tots Group was founded in 1993 by Petra Lombard after she became aware of the keen interest of mothers to learn more about how to stimulate their young child in a healthy and balanced way. Since then, the Moms and Tots Group has not only grown to become one of South Africa’s most popular Educational Franchises providing child-parent workshops and toddler playgroups, but has also expanded internationally.

Petra and her daughter, Derryn & Brontè

Meet Petra Lombard

Petra and her daughter, Derryn & Brontè Petra, the founder of the Moms and Tots Group and a qualified B.Prim. (Ed) teacher

Petra ran her own Moms and Tots Workshop for 13 years after which she ran her own Jungle Tots Educational Playgroup for 11 years. Motivated by her love for children, especially those from disadvantaged communities, she founded the Mother Touch Academy. A non-profit organisation that provides pre-school educational services to children of the impoverished Diepsloot community in Gauteng.

Petra has since left the bright lights of Johannesburg behind and currently lives with her husband, Esly Lombard, on a farm near Hanover. This mom of two grown daughters never stops giving back to her local community. Once a week she teaches a Jungle Tots class to 80 disadvantaged children from the Hanover community in the local library, before serving them a meal. Petra also teaches a weekly Moms and Tots Workshop class to mothers and toddlers from the surrounding farming community in the Hanover Hotel.

In collaboration with Nicky Lasch (Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist) and Kate Bailey (Occupational Therapist) they developed the Moms and Babes Workshop programme in 1999. By pooling their expertise these ladies developed a comprehensive play activity stimulation programme for babies.

Kate Bailey

Kate Bailey is a highly qualified and specialised Occupational Therapist

Kate has been working in the area of Paediatrics since 1986. She has specialised in the areas of Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopmental Therapy and DIR/Floortime. Kate presently works with babies, toddlers and young children who are at risk due to Prematurity, Developmental delay, Syndromes, Sensory Regulatory Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Visual Impairment and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Read more here: www.katebailey.co.za

Kate and her children

Nicky Lasch

Nicky Lasch is a Paediatric NDT Physiotherapist with 30 years of clinical experience in the holistic and early intervention treatment of babies and young children with special needs.

As the owner of her private practice, clinical supervisor for the University of Pretoria, a workshop presenter and guest speaker, and co-developer of the infant stimulation programme “Moms & Babes Workshops”, Nicky continually seeks to broaden her knowledge through sharing and learning alongside fellow professionals. With this passion she recently established a multidisciplinary Paediatric Practice in Rivonia,

Read more here: www.nickylaschphysio.co.za

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