Day 4
Play – Take a picture of your hen and ask your child the following : What can a Real Hen Do? A hen can lay eggs A hen can squawk A hen can walk A hen can peck at the ground A hen can eat worms and seeds A hen can run A hen can...
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Song Old Mac Donald had a farm      Ee i ee i o Old Mac Donald had a farm      Ee i ee i o And on his farm he had some chicks   Ee i ee i o With a cluck-cluck here And a cluck-cluck there Here a cluck, there a cluck Everywhere...
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Activity 2 Make a Hen using a toilet roll.   You will need: Bright paper Toilet Roll Glue Black Pen Draw feathers, a beak, a crown and feet.  Cut them out and create your own hen.
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Story – Are you my Mother? Activity – Creating a Hen using hand print. You will need:  Paper Paint Markers Crayons Paint your child’s hand with red paint and press it onto a blank page. Once dry, create your own hen drawing a face on the thumb and colouring around the hen to make a...
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Who Are We

The Moms and Tots Group was founded in 1993 by Petra Lombard after she became aware of the keen interest of mothers to learn more about how to stimulate their young child in a healthy and balanced way.

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