Story Time – Here’s something for your kiddos! Grover reads The Monster at the End of This Book!!! Click Here>  Preschool Worksheets Click Here> Lego Stamping – Its Art with Bricks Click Here> Easy Indoor Activities for Kids Click Here> Indoor Activities for Kids Click Here> DIY Backyard Games Click Here> Activities Fun Games Indoor...
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We’d suggest the following items to try and stock up on while we are in lock down: Coloured Pencils & Cardboard Paper Plates Ziploc Bags Duct Tape Masking Tape Sellotape Glue String Maizena Food Colouring Flour Pom Poms Feathers Hair Gel Glitter Beads
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Ideas to make things easier at home: Appreciate that I have a place to stay inside Be patient with people around me who may feel frustrated, antsy or scared Focus on the things I can control Take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally Take deep breathes to stay grounded and calm Cut myself some...
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Who Are We

The Moms and Tots Group was founded in 1993 by Petra Lombard after she became aware of the keen interest of mothers to learn more about how to stimulate their young child in a healthy and balanced way.

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