Moms and Babes - Alberton

Province : Gauteng

I am extremely passionate and proud of my Franchise as you will see when you walk into my pristine, modern, bright and beautiful workshop!

Ashleigh Rocha

Contact: +27 82 319 2895

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My Name is Ashleigh Rocha and I am the very proud owner of the Alberton/Meyersdal Moms and Babes franchise.

I believe in “Happy Mommy, Happy Baby” therefore my first selling point to Moms is: Moms and Babes is an excellent support group for Mommies, especially first time Mommies. We share so much during and after class. Stories, tips, experiences, product use, recipes, Doctor references, and of course love and support.

I am always here for my Moms, no matter what, they can contact me for any help and advice. I have a WhatsApp Group that I add all my Moms too and its fantastic. They can talk to each other about all kinds of things and even share prayer when our Babies are ill.

In class my main objective is to pass on valuable information when it comes to sensory stimulation for Baby so that Mom can go home and begin interacting with their Baby in a way they never thought possible. Exercises, Dance, Rhythm and movement start the day. Then we slow down to focus on tactile stimulation, followed by a combination of gross and fine motor skill development. In our older baby class, we end the class off with an array of “messy play” From Jelly and custard, to edible finger paint!

I have always welcomed Dads, Grannies and Family to join in whenever they can as I believe that the more parents know about how to positively stimulate their Baby the better!

We have special days like Nature walks, picnics, Family Day, Photo sessions, Valentine’s Day, Mother and Father’s Day as well as Christmas Parties every year. I also offer First Aid Baby proofing classes every term.

I work on a 4 term per year basis. 10 weeks per term. I am based in the Meyersdal Eco Estate in the South of Johannesburg. The Estate is extremely safe and secure which is always an added bonus for Moms who need to park and attend to Baby without having to worry about their safety.

This is my 5th year of running the Moms and Babes workshops and have built up a fantastic word of mouth reputation. I have now reached the point where I have many Moms returning with the 2nd Babies.


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