M&T BABES Suitable for babies aged between 2 to 12 months

Moms and Babes - Hillcrest / Kloof / Westville

Province : Kwazulu-Natal

Ashton Visser

Contact: +27 72 700 6300

My name is Ashton Visser and I am the proud owner of Moms and Babes Hillcrest/Kloof/Westville. I am a Mom of 3 beautiful children. My boy is aged 6, my girl is aged 4 and my baby boy is almost 1 year old. I am a Qualified Foundation Phase Educator, with an Honours Degree in Applied Psychology. I taught at a Special Needs School for 4 years before falling pregnant. I left full-time teaching when I had my first child and lectured part time at Varsity College for 4 years, in the Faculty of Education. I have recently taken up the amazing privilege of running Moms and Babes Classes which I absolutely LOVE!

I have always loved babies but as a first time Mom, I remember feeling completely out of my depth with the enormous lifestyle change that comes with having your first child. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and I had no idea how I should be entertaining and stimulating my beautiful baby. When I attended my first Mom and Baby Class I was so relieved to meet other Moms who felt the same way that I did and I began to learn what I should be doing with my baby to help him meet his developmental milestones. Over the course of the last few years, I have attended classes with all three of my children and have gained not only knowledge but also the solid, supportive friendships of other Moms who I met along the way.

In my Moms and Babes classes, I strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where Moms (or other Caregivers) feel comfortable to share and learn together, and where Babies grow from tiny babes to gorgeous toddlers in a fun and stimulating environment.

Come and join us for a free trial class and have some coffee and cake with us! We have fun learning how to correctly stimulate our babies using a range of age-appropriate exercises which include movement, tactile/messy play, songs, dance, and baby massage.

Also on offer at Moms and Babes Hillcrest/Kloof/Westville are: New Moms Support Classes (for Moms and Babes aged 2 weeks – 8 weeks) and Termly Dads and Babes fun mornings.


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