Moms and Babes - Claremont

Province : Western Cape

Di De Villiers

Contact: +27 82 746 3223

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My name is Di de Villiers and I have been working with children for the last twenty years. I am a qualified nursery school teacher and have done many courses over the years in child development. I started my Moms and Babes workshop in 2002 and have loved every moment of working with my babies and their moms.

At Moms and Babes Claremont we create a secure environment where moms can come and have fun with baby, learn how to play and stimulate their little ones and be able to meet moms with the same age baby. We share ideas, our joy and struggles of being a mom and help and guide each other through the wonderful journey of being a mom.

Not only do we offer our Moms and Babes classes but we also do Dads Day, Granny/Nanny day and we also offer first aid courses and Nanny training.


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