Moms and Babes - Stellenberg

Province : Western Cape

Elbie Newland

Contact: +27 71 414 8129

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My name is Elbie and I have been teaching little ones for 11 years before I became a Mom. Being a Mom is the best “job” (but sometimes the hardest) I’ve ever had. I’ve always had a passion for little ones and find it incredibly fulfilling to see how they grow and develop.

At Moms and Babes Stellenberg, we will play and learn while you bond with your baby in a truly special way. It’s a safe space where you can connect with other Moms, who are going through the same things at the same time. You can ask anything and get amazing advice and support. It was the best time I’ve spent with my daughter from the day when she was 9 weeks old. I’ve loved every minute and never missed a lesson. Plus the other Moms became such a fundamental part in my journey of Motherhood. 

Come and join the fun and see what all the fuss is about. Book your FREE trial class as soon as possible. You can join anytime!


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