M&T TOTS Enriching Children's Learning Experiences

Moms and Tots - Amanzimtoti

Country : Kwazulu-Natal

Saturday classes available

Andi Lawless

+27 82 321 8532

Address: Amanzimtoti Methodist Church
3 Dingwall Road, Amanzimtoti

“Babies are such a nice way to start people” – Don Herold

At Moms and Tots Toti we would like to believe that we are starting amazing people in our program.

My name is Andi and I am a mom to 3 girls. I’ve been involved with child development for a number of years and believe that the key to success is PASSION! 

Our program offers stimulation and development through means of texture, movement, music and play. Our classes are small and intimate, fun and informative, and very carefully planned to ensure that you and your little one will get the maximum benefit from your time with us. During this time, moms bond with their babies and support each other in an environment free from judgement.


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