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Moms and Tots - Alberton

Province : Gauteng

Camerin Ribeiro

+27 72 544 0200

84 Stander Street

Hi, I’m Camerin Ribeiro, I’m a mom of 3 incredible children.

I have studied childbirth education and am a qualified doula and doula breastfeeding coach. I too have had the privilege of working in children’s ministry at our local church.

One of my biggest passions is working with mothers and their young children, watching their bonds form with one another and other like minded ladies.

Let’s face it, motherhood can be tough sometimes! Here we create an environment where you can meet other moms who might be going through similar challenges as well as celebrating the joys that come with parenting too! We trust that this Moms and Tots group will be the start of many life-long friendships for both you and your little one!

Working with me, will be one of my incredible friends Renate Powell; she has two beautiful children of her own and has poured her heart into little ones as a nursery school teacher for the past 20years. With such a passion for little ones, easily the biggest heart I know!

Here at Moms and Tots your little ones will have the opportunity to imagine, create, explore and discover in a stimulating environment. In turn, they will learn to live, to love and to grow whilst making special memories along the way.

We are so looking forward to journeying alongside you! Please feel free to contact me for any further details.


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