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Moms and Tots - Sandton

Province : Gauteng

Saturday classes available

Laurienne Calvert and Laura King

+27 82 789 0998

Address: 134 8th Street, Parkmore

Moms and Tots, Sandton is run by a dynamic team of duo moms with experienced teachers, who are passionate about children and life in general. 

A bit about the owners: Laura and Laurienne 

Laura is a loving mom to a beautiful, very energetic 24 month son and is working full time. She personally has been with Moms & Tots for a year and half, realising what a wonderful environment Moms & Tots provide for Moms and their little mini-me’s. And her passion to be a part of this group grew into a purchase of Sandton Moms & Tots. 

Laurienne is a devoted mom to twin girls, age 5. She left her corporate job of 15 years to devote her time to her gorgeous and fearless little girls. After two years as a full time mom, she is currently studying her B.Education to pursue her love for children and desire to influence them positively. 

Together, Laura and Laurienne run the Moms & Tots, Sandton. 

We aim to provide an environment that enriches your mini-me’s while providing a platform to make friends for long they have outgrown Mom & Tots. Our classes are about an hour and half in a child friendly environment. Here they will develop their gross and fine motor skills through play and music. You will be able to bond with your mini-me one-on-one (Should you not be able to attend, your most-trusted are welcome that includes grannies, grandpas, dads and beloved nannies) 

Activities include:

  • Free play, where your little one has an opportunity to explore the various toys, and play one-on-one.
  • Ring-time, which includes singing with actions, musical instruments and dancing.
  • Story time.
  • Creative activities.
  • Messy play, which includes a number of sensory activities, and water-play in Summer.
  • Outside play, where the Tot has a chance to play on the gross motor apparatus.
  • Obstacle course.
  • Just before it is time to say see you later, they are given a snack and water

Moms are able to bond over a cup of tea and treat, which is wonderful to connect with others. 


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