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Moms and Tots - Randburg

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Nola Eva

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Address: 18 Johnson Road, Ruiterhof

Moms and Tots Randburg Hi! I’m Nola, an experienced Early Childhood Development teacher who ran my own Playschool for 14 years, and I’m passionate about teaching little ones and instilling a love of learning through play.

I firmly believe that children should be introduced to learning through creativity, songs, movement, exploration, hands-on discovery and play. This should all take place in a safe and loving environment where they can grow emotionally as well as physically, intellectually, socially and holistically.

I took the opportunity to purchase the Randburg Moms and Tots Franchise from Leanne Smith in January 2019 and I totally love it! I see the huge benefits of the weekly play–activity where the little ones thrive under the attention and quality time spent with their moms in the workshops.

Randburg Moms and Tots follows a four term program and offers a weekly 1½ to 2 hour workshop where moms and toddlers experience a fun-filled program specifically designed to stimulate little ones in all areas of development and encourage laughter, giggles and friendships. It includes free play with educational toys, music, songs, actions, fine and gross motor activities, story-time and lots of sensory-messy play.

We understand that many moms have to work during the week, so we do provide classes on a Saturday morning, as well as various classes for different age groups during the week. And if moms can’t make it, we welcome grannies, carers or au-pairs, and even dads who are keen to spend some bonding time with their tots.

Randburg Moms and Tots also offers a unique “TOTS PLAYSCHOOL” for one day a week allowing little ones to take that first big step of separation from mom into a playgroup on their own. The benefits of adding Tots Playschool to the Moms and Tots experience is that the little ones are in a familiar environment, with friends that attend Moms and Tots with them, and they have already developed a trust relationship with ‘Teacher Nola’.

Randburg Tots Playschool is only open on TUESDAYS 9am–12pm, for toddlers aged between 2 and 4 years of age. It provides a stimulating, safe, fun-filled and enjoyable environment, a well-planned program and each child is treasured as unique. The class is small and intimate, thereby encouraging friendships to bud, confidence to blossom and a love for learning to bloom!

Randburg Moms and Tots is centrally based and situated in Johnson Road, Ruiterhof, close to the Randburg Sportsgrounds.

We’d love you to join us for a free trial class so that you can experience the fun and stimulating bonding time with your toddler, get to interact with other moms and share practical information, support and guidance.

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