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Moms and Tots - Westville

Country : KwaZulu-Natal

Saturday Classes Available

Pranisha Leslie

+27 84 804 5701

Address: 24 Selbourne Road, Westville, 3629

We are situated in central Westville near Dawncliffe/Old Main Road. 

I am the proud new owner of Moms and Tots Westville and a mum to 2 beautiful baby girls. I love kids and have always had a passion for teaching young minds. I believe that every child is destined for greatness so it is a honour for me to play a part in laying down the educational stepping stones for these great minds, through Moms and Tots.

Moms and Tots Westville is a happy relaxed environment where mums can come and meet other mums that can relate to their everyday grind, because every mum needs a friend that understands where she’s coming from. It really is a great support system. Its the highlight of the week for the kids because they get to get messy and have fun with their friends. Every week we focus on different themes so there’s never a boring moment.

For the working mums, being a working mum myself I understand how difficult it is to balance work and spending quality time with your kids. That’s why our Saturday classes are a fantastic way to rekindle that mummy baby bond and be a part of those,”mummy look at what I can do moments” again.

Please ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page ‘Moms and Tots Westville’ to see what we get up to. Photos are loaded after each class.

We look forward to meeting you and having you join us! See you in the workshop for some messy fun!

Lots of love XOXO


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