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Moms and Tots - North Coast

Country : KwaZulu-Natal

Yashoda Govender & Yodeshni Pillay

+27 84 217 1034
+27 84 855 2729

Crawford International, North Coast

Hi, I am Yodeshni Pillay and the co-owner of Moms and North Coast.

My passion for kids and education was the major driving forces in being a apart of Moms and Tots.
As a physical learner myself, I understand the importance of education through stimulating all the senses as the experiences of learning becomes much more fulfilling, interesting, and fun.

My passion is kids! Watching them learn, play, and explore during our class activities will be fulfilling not only to the parents but to me as well.

Hi, I am Yashoda Govender AKA Mom mom moooom! As such I am always looking to incorporate positive parenting.

Having worked and lived a corporate lifestyle – I completely understand the challenges my peers face while trying to achieve the balance. This is the basis of my passion. I aim to help bridge the gap in an ever-changing environment by giving moms and tots a place and space to grow together.

Moms and Tots is one of those tools that have enabled my family to enjoy the rewards reaped by joining the workshops and nurturing the sacred bond between mother and child.

As a woman, I aim to achieve excellence in everything I touch. The passion I have for family transmits through every aspect of my life.

The Moms and Tots Ballito Franchise is owned and run by two strong female Entrepreneurs. The decision to join the Moms and Tots franchise was an easy one as its was based on the brands reputation, strength and values, but most importantly we get to spend time with our babies and tots, sharing in those precious moments between a parent and their child. Watching them grow, learn, and love.

Our Classes cater to our little 12 months old and then all the way up to our tots of 3 and half years.

Workshops are designed and developed by Moms for Moms. These workshops are designed to stimulate our kids in a healthy and balanced way using a compressive play activity simulation program for babies and tots during our child-parent workshops and toddler playgroups.

Dads, Grans, Nanny’s…. We see you and we also offer Dads and Tots, Grans and Tots and Nannies and tots.


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