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Moms and Tots Classes Online

While the usual toddler and baby classes may currently be cancelled due to Covid-19, or you might be a little nervous to attend a class when they are open, it’s important to make sure our tots are stimulated and challenged at home during these times. As with most things, many toddler activities and classes have gone virtual.

There are so many benefits for little ones attending classes and groups, so whether you’re looking for virtual classes, or if you’re looking to find a class to go along to we can help you along your journey.

Give our Virtual Classes a Try!

Fun with Mom and Tots

Many of our parent feel a little over whelmed to attend physical class, leaving a lot of parents desperate for alternatives to entertain their child. This has seen an increase in parents attending virtual classes. While this may not seem the same as attending a class in person, this does give you the chance to try some classes with your child that you might not be within distance for you to go to and it also means you can add some structure to your day.

Virtual classes can vary in terms of how they work. Some can be over Zoom where a camera is also on you and your baby which is great if you’re missing that interaction with other parents. Some are live at scheduled times meaning you have to be ready to start a class at a specific time. Others are pre-recorded classes which you can watch at any time to suit your routine.

Kate and her children
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