Name: Faye Kropf

Class: Moms & Babes

Province: Western Cape

Area: Franschoek/Paarl


Contact: 083 607 4530

Additional Info: Free trial class

Facebook Link:

The Moms and Babes & Moms and Tots Workshop is all about creating a loving, safe support group where moms get the opportunity to bond with their babies and toddlers while learning vital stimulation skills.

We are fun and interactive in our approach and passionate about imparting vital knowledge and skills to moms from industry leading pediatric specialists . We understand how motherhood is filled with both joys and battles and it is our heartfelt desire to help support you along this precious journey.

Nestled in the heart of Paarl, our Babes and Tots classes are run from a comfortable, professional home environment where moms can feed their babies in private, learn about every exciting stage of their baby’s and toddlers development and meet like-minded mommies who will inevitably become lifelong friends.

The Babes & Tots classes are enthusiastically run by Faye Kropf – a hands on, hardworking and fun loving mommy of two.  Faye has been involved in the stimulation of babies and toddlers since 2009. She is all heart and passionate about teaching moms about vital stimulation skills for baby and toddler development.

Come along and join our growing family of special moms and their little ones….