M&T GROUP Enriching Children's Learning Experiences

Own Your Own Franchise


Have a love for children, like to own your own franchise? 

Stressed? Like to work for yourself? Love Children? Be financial Independent? Start your own business is a daunting task but with Moms and Babes / Moms and Tots / Jungle Tots we’ve created a successful business model, which provides you with the support and tools you need to run your own franchise.

Being your own boss, independence, flexibility and family time. It’s hard work, but with the training and support from our network, your business will thrive, and you’ll have loads of fun doing something you love.

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Moms & Babes

Babies aged between 2 and 12 months

Age appropriate play activity programme developed by an Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist for babies in their first year to enhance development and strengthen the bond between mother and baby. 

Moms & Tots

Toddlers aged between 1 to 3½ Years

Age appropriate stimulation programme developed for toddlers to enhance co-ordination and perceptual skills, encourage the love of learning and to enrich the relationship between mother and toddler. 

Jungle Tots

Tots aged between 1½ to 4 Years

Education playgroup designed to create and enhance learning opportunities for toddlers from all backgrounds. We believe that every child is a flower waiting to blossom and we will ensure their seeds of greatness is realised.


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