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Moms and Babes

Suitable For Babies Aged Between 2 to 12 Months

Moms and Babes Sandton

Province: GAUTENG

We offer trial classes for any mommy interested in exploring the programme.

Where to Find us

Moms & Babes | Sandton

Moms & Babes and Moms & Tots Sandton is run by some amazing moms who have had varied experiences in life, from corporate, to entrepreneurial adventures including working in various governments and NGOs. Some have simply been stay at home Mommies, who also bring a wealth of other experiences. What brings them together is their love for our growing people from birth until their ages of 4. We commonly feel that healthy moms make healthy babies, who grow up to become wonderful citizens on our beautiful planet and help to make our world a much better place to be in. We are honored to participate in their journeys.”

Behind every young CHILD WHO BELIEVES IN himself is a parent WHO BELIEVED FIRST

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