Story – How to Find an Elephant

Activity 1 – “Feed the Elephants”

Using any small objects on a tray, for young children, let them use their pincer fingers to lift and deposit the object in a container.  For older children, use tweezers or a peg to move the items from a tray to a container.

Activity 2 – Elephant Puzzle

Draw an elephant on a piece of paper.  Let your little one colour it in.   Cut the piece of paper into strips and mix up the pieces.  Let your child put the picture into the correct sequence.  For smaller children, cut the paper into fewer pieces.  For older children, cut into more pieces.  You can number the pieces so that they count as the pieces are put in place.

Play – Elephant Stomp Two

Using different coloured pillows, or coloured paper plates, or different coloured pieces of paper taped to the floor:  Call out the different colours in a sequence that your little one can stomp onto.  Make it hard or easy, using only one command for smaller children, more complicated sequences for older children. Harder still, cut out shapes out of the paper and call the shape and colour for the stomp.


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