Book 6 – Activity Set1

Story  – The Snail and the Whale 

Activity 1 – Make a Snail

You will need: a piece of cardboard, circles with different colours and sizes.  Glue and a markers. Cut the shape of the snail on the cardboard, and glue the circles for its shell.  Use the markers for its eyes.

Show the snail your whole world.

Walk  around the house and your garden and explain what you can see.

Activity 2 – Snail Shells

During the walk around the house and garden looking for objects that the snail could use as a shell.

Using a piece of play dough or prestik, make a a few “snails” to use during today’s game.

Slowly, Slowly

Slowly, Slowly very Slowly
Creeps the garden snail
Slowly, Slowly very Slowly
Leave a silver trail

Quickly Quickly very quickly
Runs the little mouse
Quickly Quickly very quickly
Quickly round about the house.

Play – Snail Game

You will need: A piece of paper, crayons and a marker. Dice. The snails that you made in Activity 2.

Draw the shell course as per the picture.  Let all your snail’s start on the number 1.

Roll the dice and move the snails forward, taking turns.  The first snail to home wins!










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