Horsing Around

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Horses and I hope you are all reveling in motherhood, whether it’s your first year of being a mother or your little one attempted making you breakfast in bed again. Remember to enjoy the experience, they are the most unforgettable.

My most memorable, non-edible meal was when Derryn was 5 years old and happily presented me with a proudly made cake, created purely from pot plant soil. She was so delighted when she told me how easy baking was. Please feel free to tell me about your first non-edible meal experience, I would love to hear about it.

So today I walked outside into a chilly Karoo day, beside my visiting daughter Bronte, to find Bella and our newest addition Blaze, casually munching away on the green grass outside the house. Blaze is Bella’s foal, tottering behind her mother, being introduced to the world one grass root and two golden Labradors at a time.

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