Milestones – 3 Years

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At 3, your child is beginning to grow out of the toddler years. Full of fun and ideas, 3-year-olds are active and communicative. They understand past tense in speech. They may begin asking “why” all the time. They enjoy playing with other children and are learning how to share. They are able to feed themselves by this age and have all 20 primary baby teeth!

What your child is learning now

While children may progress at different rates, the following are some of the common milestones your child may reach in this age group:

  • Plays well with other children
  • Can copy a circle and lines
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Uses their word sentences
  • Uses pronouns
  • Knows colors
  • Can count to three
  • Uses the toilet
  • Puts on T-shirt by self
  • Sings and dances
  • Plays make-believe
  • May have fears of certain things, like the dark or a monster under the bed

What your child is learning next

  • Uses full sentences
  • Can have a conversation
  • Uses the words “in” “on” and “under” correctly
  • Likes pretend play
  • Draws a person
  • Dresses by self
  • Knows five or more colors
  • Listens to whole stories
  • Says full name and age
  • Can match a picture with an object

What you can do to encourage your child’s development

  • Read everyday
  • Have conversations
  • Talk about colors and shapes
  • Sing songs together
  • Play is more important than passively watching TV or a screen
  • Let your child help with chores
  • Praise your child for good behavior
  • Set clear rules and be consistent
  • Exercise together

Games and activities

  • Playdough
  • Books and storytelling
  • Matching games
  • Small pegs and peg board
  • Scribbling
  • Tricycles or big wheels
  • Wagons
  • Puzzles
  • Markers, crayons, glue, stickers, watercolor parts
  • Balls
  • Songs
  • Costumes, action figures

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