M&T BABES Suitable for babies aged between 2 to 12 months

Moms and Babes - Bedfordview

Province : Gauteng

Daniella Diederiks

Contact:+27 83 497 2844

Address: 22 Riley Road, Bedfordview
(Baby Steps Early Learning Centre on Riley)

Daniella Diederiks, franchise owner of Moms & Babes, and Moms & Tots Bedfordview

My name is Daniella Diederiks, and in a little shell of a nut, I am a Planner, Seeker of happiness, Grateful Human & Cat mom, Creative, OCD maybe, entrepreneur, and super proud to be a part of the Moms & Tots Group.  

Moms & Babes was one of my favourite things that I did with Kaizer when he was just a little peanut! It was our time, and most importantly, my time!! It was the place that helped me bond with this little “stranger” that I had brought into the world, and the place where us moms (all going through the same crazy, hectic, sometimes not so amazing, sometimes amazing life of becoming a parent to a new little person) came together and were able to express what we were going through and how we really felt. A place of being real! A place that not only supported me on an emotional level but also taught me how to provide my peanut with the basic skills he needed for his development.

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Sensory development and integration
  • Development of play-based learning
  • Emotional and social development
  • Language and cognitive development

Moms & Babes was so much more than just a fun outing out for the both of us, and my experience is the reason why I know that I have invested in the best career and happy place for myself, and for all the Moms I am going to meet along the way. 


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