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Daniella Diederiks

Based in Meadowridge  – contact Daniella for further info.

Daniella Diederiks | Moms & Babes | Bergvliet

Daniella Diederiks, franchise owner of Moms and Babes, & Moms and Tots Bergvliet.

My name is Daniella Diederiks, and in a little shell of a nut, I am a Planner, Seeker of happiness, Grateful Human & Cat mom, Creative, OCD maybe, entrepreneur, and super proud to be a part of the Moms & Tots Group.

Moms and Babes was one of my favourite things I did with both of my sons when they were little peanuts! It was our time and most importantly, my time!! It was the place that helped me bond with these little “strangers” that I had brought into the world, and the place where we moms (all going through the same crazy, hectic, sometimes not so amazing, sometimes amazing life of becoming a parent to a new little person) came together and were able to express what we were going through and how we really felt. A
place of being real! A place that not only supported me on an emotional level but also taught me how to provide my babies with the basic skills they needed for their development.

• Gross and fine motor skills
• Sensory development and integration
• Development of play-based learning
• Emotional and social development
• Language and cognitive development

Moms & Babes was so much more than just a fun outing for us. My experience is the reason why I have invested in the best career and happy place for myself.

In 2021, I took a leap of faith and purchased the Moms and Babes & Moms and Tots Bedfordview franchises in Johannesburg where I successfully ran them for two years.

Those two years were an incredible journey of growth, love, and fulfillment. I connected with so many amazing mothers and babies (most toddlers now) who brought me so much happiness. It was such a privilege watching each baby and toddler achieving their milestones and developing into real little humans with so much personality, and watching all my Moms grow stronger and more confident in their most important role in life.

In December 2023, my little family and I ventured out of our comfort zones and moved across South Africa to Cape Town. The Southern Suburbs to be exact. My journey with the Moms and Tots group is far from over. I am now the new (PROUD) owner of Moms and Babes & Moms and Tots Bergvliet and am soooo excited to continue in this role that is soul-fulfilling on so many levels.

Behind every young CHILD WHO BELIEVES IN himself is a parent WHO BELIEVED FIRST