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Suitable For Babies Aged Between 2 to 12 Months

Moms and Babes Henley On Klip

Province: GAUTENG

Marianne van der Walt

Our well-equipped studio offers mommies and their babes the opportunity to bond and learn together whilst forming lasting friendships.

"Saturday Classes" and "Free trial class"

Where to Find us

1636 Shillingford Road
Henley on Klip

Marianne van der Walt | Moms & Tots | Bedfordview

I’m Marianne and as the mom of the sweetest little boy, a foster mom to a super special little girl, and an auntie to the cutest baby girl, I’ve got all the baby bases covered. I have a passion for working with babies and I’m on a mission to help moms find their tribe.

Join one of my Moms and Babes classes for a whimsical journey into the world of all things baby – where giggles, gurgles, and parenting hacks abound! 

Behind every young CHILD WHO BELIEVES IN himself is a parent WHO BELIEVED FIRST

Moms and Babes Gallery Henley On Klip