M&T BABES Suitable for babies aged between 2 to 12 months

Moms and Babes - Fourways

Province: Gauteng
Saturday Classes Available

Nicola Diering

Contact: +27 84 336 6490

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Moms and babes Fourways is a happy, comfortable, and safe space for both mom and baby. 

  • A place where babies are engaged and stimulated in a fun, age appropriate manner, in order to help reach their developmental milestones in the first year.
  • A place for mom to connect, share, make friends and find support in what can be a challenging first year.

Sharing in the lives of so many moms and babes has been my privilege since July 2010! I am trained in early childhood development and a mother of two gorgeous little people, who challenge and teach me every day. 


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