M&T BABES Suitable for babies aged between 2 to 12 months

Moms and Babes - Wellington

Province Western Cape

Venetia Wegelin

Contact: +27 82 423 6643

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Hi There, I am Venetia Wegelin, mum three times over to a beautiful daughter and a set of twins.
Having had my three children in the space of 20 months, there isn’t a lot I haven’t seen, been through or researched heavily.

With a passion for children that has spanned my entire life, I have made it my focus and my job to learn about the subtleties of raising children in an ever-evolving world and I’d like to help you (and your baby) on the start of your journey together.

My program is aimed at supporting you through the very beginnings of your babies’ life and I’d like to offer you a safe space to relax and learn with your baby. With simple stimulation, tips and tricks and trackable progress that can help take the guesswork out of those beginning months, our program is here to assist you.

I am also able to consult with you as a registered sleep trainer, by using gentle guidance to help you and your little one better understand sleep and how to go about it . As well as, sharing my findings on food and the introduction of solids etc for when the time comes.

We cannot wait to host you and your baby and look forward to a supportive and nurturing journey while you are with us.


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