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Minette Pape

Hi, I’m Minette Pape, I’m passionate about teaching little ones and instilling a love of learning through play.

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Minette Pape | Moms & Tots | Randburg

My journey with the Moms and Tots Group started 5 years ago. When my eldest was born I felt like a fish out of water and totally overwhelmed with all the new lingo, milestones and regressions. Attending classes on a weekly basis became my saving grace. I started gaining confidence as a mommy as I was taught how to interact in an age appropriate way with my little one, what to focus on and how to enjoy my little one blossoming developmentally.

Today I will be sitting on the other side of the table helping moms to provide their little ones with the basic building blocks in a loving and supportive environment. Everything we do is done through play and hands-on experience. Toddlers experience a fun-filled program specifically designed to stimulate them in all areas of development and encourage a love for learning.

Our workshops therefore start with free play where you and your tot get to explore and play together with educational toys. We then follow a jam-packed programme which includes songs, actions, music and movement, obstacle course, fine and gross motor activities and lots of sensory play! We end our session with some free play outside where moms get a chance to relax, enjoy a snack and spend some time chatting and getting to know other moms.

The workshops are suitable for little ones between 1 and 3.5 years, and there are various classes available for different age groups during the week, and on Saturday mornings. Although classes are geared towards specific ages, and we are flexible about finding a spot that is suitable for you, where you and your tot will enjoy the experience, love the fun activities, and relish the bonding time together.

Bring your toddler and come experience the fun with us. You’ll not regret it!

Behind every young CHILD WHO BELIEVES IN himself is a parent WHO BELIEVED FIRST

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