Rainbow Scented Bubbles

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Not only will your kids love blowing these bubbles, but they’ll also learn about color mixing and different scents, too. Pouring your bubble solution into the egg carton tray allows for easy access without the concern of spilling full bottles. You can even use some tape to secure the tray to the table if you’re worried about little ones grabbing the whole tray.













Easter Clear Chocolate Eggs Cartons
Unscented dish soap
Essential oils
Food coloring
Bottles or jars (with lids)
Wire and/or pipe cleaners
Wire cutters
*Note: Small bottles of glycerin can be found in the cake aisle at the craft store. If you don’t have glycerin on hand though, corn syrup can be used instead but may not produce quite as bubbly results.


Step 1
Open up the empty egg carton and cut along each hinge so that you have three pieces. The two egg-compartment pieces will be used for holding bubbles, while the flat lid piece can be recycled or used as a tray for the bubble blowers.

Step 2
Time to make some bubbles! There are TONS of different and amazing bubble recipes online; we adapted this one and loved how it turned out. In a pitcher, mix together 6 cups of water, 1 cup of unscented dish soap, and 1 Tbsp of glycerin. Make sure to use unscented dish soap here, or the scent will compete with the essential oils later. Stir the solution to combine.

Step 3
This solution is your bubble base. Pour into 8 jars or bottles, one for each color of the rainbow.

Step 4
Add a drop of food coloring into each jar so that you have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. If you have more jars, you can mix up extra colors too, like pink or indigo. Once the colors are mixed, add a drop or two of essential oil to each color. These are the combinations we used, but feel free to adapt this using the oils you have on hand. Stir to combine.

Red – cinnamon
Orange – sweet orange
Yellow – lemon
Green – peppermint
Blue – vanilla
Purple – lilac
Pink – grapefruit

Step 5
To make the bubble wands, we used armature wire (find this in the clay aisle at the craft store) because of how nicely it bends. Have fun making fun loopy shapes (we were inspired by vintage rug beaters!), making sure that they either fit into the openings on your jars or are the size of one egg compartment. Use tape to secure the handles if necessary, or simply twist the wire together. Pipe cleaners work in a similar way and are a great option for younger kids. Once shaped, your bubble blowers are ready to use, but you can choose to give them a quick coat of spray paint if desired.

Step 6
To set up your rainbow bubble station, pour the colored bubbles into the egg compartments. Encourage kids to smell each of the solutions and ask which scent and color combinations they like best.

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