Santa Shoe Box for the Hanover Library Kids

Santa Shoe Box

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Petra Lombard extends her deepest gratitude to Kerry Hofmeyr, the Santa Shoe Box 2016 & The Jhb North Team for organising the wonderful gifts for the Hanover Library kids. Also a huge thanks to Wendy Ruiter for helping Kerry pack the bags and a special thanks to Genevieve Thomas for making the bags. One last thanks to her special friend, Liz Crisp for introducing her to Kerry. Petra believes that you are all angels, that have helped her to not only put a beautiful smile on these kids’ faces, but you have also sparked a little light in their lives… 

This Xmas party at Bun Cloudy B&B was filled with much excitement and joy. The kids absolutely loved and lavished in the delicious eats and cool-drinks!

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