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Jelly Toy Rescue Activity for Kids

Looking for a fun, low-prep activity to keep your baby, toddler or preschooler entertained? This Jell-O toy rescue is taste-safe, quick to prepare and can


Day 9

Day 9 Continued Song – 10 Little Airplanes https://supersimple.com/song/ten-little-airplanes Wow! Let’s count some airplanes! 1 little, 2 little, 3 little airplanes, 4 little, 5 little


Day 7

Day 7 continued Activity 2 – Racing Rainbow Cars You will need: A piece of paper on a board or Tupperware lid placed at an

Jungle Tot

Day 3

Story – Are you my Mother? Activity – Make a Cat Bookmark. You will need: Coloured Paper Markers Scissors Pencil Ruler Using the picture below

Jungle Tot

Day 2

DAY 2 Balloon Tennis You will need paper plates, craft sticks and a balloon. Let the children colour in the paper plates, stick the craft


Stationary List Shopping

We’d suggest the following items to try and stock up on while we are in lock down: Coloured Pencils & Cardboard Paper Plates Ziploc Bags


Goo Sensory Bags

It’s gooey and squishy without any mess! It’s calming too. Like a Zen sand garden for children in bright colors. Make shapes or pattens or


Edible Gluten Free No Cook Playdough

Edible dough? Yum! But need a gluten-free option for those sensitive tummies? Made from four easy ingredients from your kitchen, this colorful playdough’s fun-life will