With their newfound ability to walk and constantly improving language skills, your 1-year-old is developing at a staggering rate. Between 12 months and 2 years, kids are starting to do things on their own, seeing cause and effect, and actively engaging with others in their environment. Parental involvement is essential to a 1-year-old’s development. Indeed,...
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Materials needed: Plastic measuring cups What to do: Take turns stacking the cups and knocking them down. You can also have a “race,”where you both stack cups at the same time. Skills learned: Understanding cause and effect, fine motor skills
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DAY 1 Story – Are you my Mother? Activity 1 – Draw a picture of a bird nest Activity 2 – Walk outside and pick up leaves. Use them to make a nest on a page Play  – Roll the Egg If you have more than one child it can be a race, or for...
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Who Are We

The Moms and Tots Group was founded in 1993 by Petra Lombard after she became aware of the keen interest of mothers to learn more about how to stimulate their young child in a healthy and balanced way.

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