Petra’s Golden Shadows

A happy hello from the Karoo.

Flu season is well upon us, I should know, temperatures at night can get so cold that even my little Labradors wish they had a woolly coat.

Dusty and Cloudy are my two shadows. They are like my other children and I’m not quite sure they know they aren’t human. Everywhere I go my two big smiley golden shadows follow me everywhere. To this day they are the only dogs allowed at the Hanover tennis and bowling club because they are so well behaved. Fortunately, they aren’t my children otherwise I would be running around after them trying to add an extra layer of warmth, making them wash their hands and put their shoes back on.

Come rain, wind or shine Dusty followed by Cloudy will take any opportunity to have a swim, even during these chilly months of winter they‘ll throw their shaggy bodies into a freezing fountain.

But don’t fret mom, your child isn’t a winter swimming Labrador and winter doesn’t have to mean that unwanted flu viruses are waiting outside, ready to pounce on your tot at any moment. You can’t bundle them up and put them back in your womb for safety during winter. Let them learn and play outside for short bits at a time as long as they stay warm, clean and take an immune booster. In fact, studies have shown that a certain amount of exposure to viruses and bacteria actually help develop your child’s immunity to them in the future.

Here are a few fun activities to enjoy with your tots for this month, inspired by my two golden shadows.

Build a doggie playground

What you will need:

  • Plastic doggie figurines
  • Create grass from cooked pasta and cooked saga adding a bit of green food colouring
  • Create a backyard using a container with some soil and a tiny bit of water.

Let your tot enjoy the different textures while exploring life through a pups eyes.

Fluffy poodle pictures

What you will need:

  • Picture of a poodle
  • A lot of cotton wool
  • Glue

The next step is to put the glue onto the paper and let your tot stick the cotton wool down to make their doggies fur.

Build a grooming salon

What you will need:

  • It’s as easy as getting a few brushes together, getting a few fluffy doggy toys together and letting your tot explore the role of responsible pet groomer.

Doggie ears

What you will need:

  • Two strips of cardboard cut into floppy long ears
  • Another piece of cardboard cut down into quarters
  • Stickers. Lots of stickers.
  • Stapler

Let your tot go wild and enjoy making their doggie ears. Once they are ready simply staple the ears to the cardboard strip before measuring the size of their head and closing the doggie ear hat.  Finish it of with a little red sticker on the nose.

Stay warm.
Lots of Love

Petra and her two golden shadows