Activity for Baby

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Activities for the day for Baby.

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[bynd_core_column size=”1/2″]Surprise

Put a squeaky toy in baby’s hand or attached a bell to her foot or wrist.

She’ll grasp it out of reflex and most likely be startled when it squeaks.

This, like many of the other activities listed is a great way to learn cause and affect.

Over time she will learn that she is the one making the sounds.[/bynd_core_column]

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[bynd_core_column size=”1/2″]Pick it up

Sit your baby up and give her small objects like bits of food to pick up.

Dry cereal, goldfish and diced fruit are challenging to pick up and will improve her ability to grasp.

Show her how to pick up a piece put it down again and put it in her other hand.

Show her how how to pick up a piece, put it down again and put it in her other hand.

Take turns having your baby pick up an item and place it into your hand and then you place it in her.


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[bynd_core_column size=”1/2″]Over it

Place objects with different textures on the floor for your baby to crawl over.

Try objects like a rubber floor mat, inflatable pool flat, bathtub mat, wool blanket, soft bath robe, piece of velvet, throw rug, carpet sample, silk scarf, down comforter etc.

Crawl over them with your baby one at a time describing how they feel.

Make a trail with them and rearrange their order each time.[/bynd_core_column]

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