Book 6 – Activity Set 2

Story – The Snail and the Whale, Activity Set 2

Activity 1
You will need: Pieces of coloured paper cut into circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and cones. Make a ship out of the shapes.

Make other pictures out of the shapes.  What about some of the other items mentioned in the book?

Activity 2 – Make A Ship!
You will need: Plastic lids, wooden skewers or Popsicle sticks, glue or prestik and paper rectangle’s for the sails.  using a shallow container with water, see which of your ships stay afloat.

Song – This is the Way we Sail our Ship (To the tune of “This is the Way”)

Play – Captains Orders!
You will need: Yourselves! One person is the “captain” calling out the following commands. For little children, make up simple rules like Simple Simon (hands on head etc).

To the island: run to the left.
Scrub the deck: crouch down and make a scrubbing motion.
Hit the deck: lay on your stomach
Clear the deck: everyone must have their feet off the floor
Up periscope: lie on back with one leg raised straight in the air. Twist the raised foot as if a scanning periscope.
Captain’s coming: stand to attention and salute
Climb the rigging: pretend to climb a rope

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