Story – How to find an elephant
Activity 1 – Clouds
You will need:

  • Paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Marker.
  • Googly eyes optional

Use your cloud when you sing along


Activity 2 – Cloud Dough
Put equal parts hair conditioner and corn starch in a bowl, and mix them together.  Add more cornstarch if the dough is too runny.  For colours, add gel food colours.


Song – The Clouds are Passing By
Tune:  “The Farmer In The Dell”

The clouds are passing by,
The clouds are passing by,
Heigh-ho, just watch them go,
The coulds are passing by.

The clouds are passing by,
Way up in the sky,
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
The clouds are passing by.
Jean Warren



Play – Balloon Clouds

It is a windy day in your lounge today as the littles race to “catch the clouds” with this gross motor balloon activity.

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