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Sensory Activities 0-18 Months

Look below to find games and activities you can play with your child to promote their sensory development. Activities are divided by age so it


Baby & Toddler Parent Workshops

Dear Mom / Caregiver, Are you ready to embark on a magical journey of discovery and growth with your little one? Our baby-parent workshops, toddler-parent

Jungle Tot

Milestones – 5 Years

At 5, your child is getting ready for real learning. She may know her letters, and can sing the alphabet song. She can count to

Jungle Tot

Milestones – 4 Years

4-year-old preschooler is energetic and imaginative. Children at this age like to tell stories, and often can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. They


Milestones – 3 Years

At 3, your child is beginning to grow out of the toddler years. Full of fun and ideas, 3-year-olds are active and communicative. They understand

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Milestones – 2 Years

Toddler at 2 years By the age of 2, your toddler is talking, walking, climbing, jumping, running and bursting with energy. Your child now has


Milestones – 18 Months

Your toddler is now walking and using basic words. At this age, children love to play and explore. They begin to show some independence. They


Getting Ready for Easter!

This Easter sensory bin is made with coloured rice, plastic eggs, little chicks and fine motor tools. Bright and colourful, this rice bin is fun