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Jelly Toy Rescue Activity for Kids

Looking for a fun, low-prep activity to keep your baby, toddler or preschooler entertained? This Jell-O toy rescue is taste-safe, quick to prepare and can


Baby & Toddler Parent Workshops

Dear Mom / Caregiver, Are you ready to embark on a magical journey of discovery and growth with your little one? Our baby-parent workshops, toddler-parent

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Milestones – 4 Months

Your baby at 4 months Your baby is growing even more social and moving in a purposeful manner. Babies at this age love to babble

Baby Programme

Catch Me

Age: From 4 Months Old Attach a small soft toy to a brightly coloured ribbon. Dangle it in front of your baby and make it

Baby Programme

Sensory Ball All Ages

What do you need: Different sized balls. Craft stickers Feathers Foil Bubble Wrap Foam Numbers Velcro / Felt Dots How To Play: Using a glue

Baby Programme


Babies typically prefer a female voice over a male voice, which may explain why people raise the pitch of their voice when talking to babies.