Story – How to Find an Elephant

Activity 1 – Tree Paint Brushes

You will need:  Different leaves from your garden, small sticks and elastic bands.  Use them the next time you paint, or for smaller children, feel the way the different leaf textures feel on your skin.  Discuss soft, silky, prickly, hard textures.



Rhyme The Beech Tree
by Rose Fyleman

I’d like to have a garden
With a beech tree on the lawn;
The little birds that lived there
Would wake me up at dawn.

And in the summer weather
When all the leaves were green,
I’d sit beneath the beach boughs
And see the sky between



Play – Bean Bag Balance

Have your child balance a bean bag on their head and walk from one point to another without dropping it. As they master the walk, move the points further apart or make the course a bit more challenging by adding zig zags or circles, or objects around which they have to maneuver

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