Story – How to Find an Elephant

Activity 1 – Elephant Footprints

You will need:  Paper, paints, markers.

Draw either the face or a whole elephant and use your child’s feet to create the ears.

With Father’s Day approaching, this could be framed with your child’s name and date.


Activity 2 – Elephant Stomp

You will need: Two cans, paint, stickers, a screw driver, hammer and rope.

Using a screw driver and hammer, punch a hole in either side of the can.  Thread the rope through the hole, tying a knot on the inside. If you want, paint and decorate your cans.

For little ones, tie lengths of rope to either side of their slops or shoes.  See today’s Elephant stomp play!


Play – Elephant Stomp

Using can stilts, let your child practice walking.  For little ones let them “move” their feet with their hands by lifting the ropes one foot at a time.

Once the bigger children have the hang of it, let them walk up a gentle slope and side to side.

Remember to count, talk or sing as you play!

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