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Tales For Tots & Tips for Parents

From local stories to fun activities, to inspire you and your toddlers creativity.

Music for Development of a Tot

Music plays a vital role in the development of toddlers, offering a multi-faceted approach to learning and growth. Here’s how singing, playing instruments, and dancing

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Milestones – 5 Years

At 5, your child is getting ready for real learning. She may know her letters, and can sing the alphabet song. She can count to

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Milestones – 4 Years

4-year-old preschooler is energetic and imaginative. Children at this age like to tell stories, and often can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. They

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Milestones – 3 Years

At 3, your child is beginning to grow out of the toddler years. Full of fun and ideas, 3-year-olds are active and communicative. They understand

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Milestones – 2 Years

Toddler at 2 years By the age of 2, your toddler is talking, walking, climbing, jumping, running and bursting with energy. Your child now has

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Milestones – 18 Months

Your toddler is now walking and using basic words. At this age, children love to play and explore. They begin to show some independence. They

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Your Baby at 1 year

After a baby’s first birthday, the rate at which they grow begins to slow. By 1, your baby is officially a toddler. Toddlers are more

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Milestones – 6 months

It’s very exciting for parents to see their children grow into more social beings as babies begin to experiment with and recognize sounds. Your baby

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